Imperial Medical Clinic offers a government-approved COVID-19 testing to anyone traveling or returning to work whom requires a government validated test recognized by major airlines, employers, and organizations. Please ensure you have read the specific requirements of your airline of time requirements prior to booking your test.

Average turn around time for PCR-NAAT Test has been 24-48 hours for results, however, LifeLabs and Imperial Medical Clinic make no guarantee on how quickly results may come in.

PLEASE NOTE: These services are only for asymptomatic testing only. If you have any symptoms, please visit your nearest Public Health Test Site, or speak with your Family Doctor, or call 8-1-1.

Quick Reference of Testing Document Requirements

Please note, each Airline Carrier and arriving Customs and Immigration may have specific requirements on testing documentation. Please ensure you have read and understand the requirements of your travelling destination prior to testing.



  • PCR-NAAT ISO 15189 Plus Accredited Lab Report
  • Serology Antibody ISO 15189 Plus Accredited Lab Report
  • Certified Letter of Testing



  • ISO 15189 Plus Accredited Lab Report
  • Certified Letter of Testing
  • Proof of ISO 15189 Plus Accreditation
  • Proof of Government License/Accreditation




  • Japanese Certificate of COVID-19 Testing
  • ISO 15189Β  Plus Accredited Lab Report




  • ISO 15189 Plus Accredited Lab Report




  • ISO 15189 Plus Accredited Lab Report
  • Certified Letter of Testing
  • Please inform clinic staff of any documentation requirements prior to testing.
Is this covered by MSP?

This test is not covered by MSP or by Public Health.

Who is this test for?

This test is intended for asymptomatic individuals who require testing prior to travel.

For example, some airlines, employers, or organizations may require an approved test prior to embarking on travel.

How long will it take?

The test collection will take about 30 seconds.

Your visit will take about 5 minutes.

Test results may take 24-96 hours. Your results will be available online in your profile as soon as they are made available from LifeLabs.

Please ensure you have filled your intake form completely in order to receive your results in a timely manner.

What kind of test and how do you test?

IMC offers a PCR-NAAT (Polymerase Chain Reaction – Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing) test that is government approved and processed by LifeLabs.

A swab sample will be collected from one of two locations where appropriate:

  1. Nasopharyngeal; or
  2. Mid-turbinate
What payments do you accept?

Online bookings accept all major credit cards. If you are not able to book online, please contact our clinic for assistance. We also accept debit (Interac) onsite.

What do I need to prepare for the test?

There is nothing to prepare, other than filling out the online intake form emailed to you at time of booking.


Please note, please do not come inside the clinic as the testing is conducted in our covered/heated outdoor testing room.

Please have your government issued photo ID ready at time of testing.

What do I need to do after the test?

We recommend that you immediately stay home until you have received your test results.

Follow your local public health orders and avoid any public/social contact other than your immediate household.

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