Effective January 1, 2023 Imperial Medical Clinic will be charging recommended rates as per the Doctors of BC for uninsured services. These fees are subject to be revised again in April 2023. For more information, please visit the Doctors of BC website or the Government of BC.

2022 Doctors of BC Uninsured Services Fees

Information for Patients on Out-of-Pocket Fees

Even if a BC resident is insured under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and/or other affiliated medical plans (i.e. Blue Cross, Sun Life, etc.), not all services provided by a doctor are covered. These services are considered not medically required and are billed directly to the patient. Patients are encouraged to speak with their doctor regarding the fee(s) for the non-MSP-insured service requested and if needed, to work out a payment plan. Doctors of BC has established recommended fees for some non-MSP-insured (not covered) services to help guide doctors in setting a reasonable value for these services.