Family Doctor

Click here to book an appointment to see your Family Doctor. Please note, you must be a current patient and registered with an email address in order to book an appointment online. For more information, please contact us by phone.


Dr. Pavan Kaliray

Dr. Franny Yow-Jeng Pan

Dr. Joshua Magnusson

Dr. Michael Healey

Dr. Jag Kaliray

Dr. Balpreet Grewal

Dr. Sundeep Grewal

Dr. Shelina Nurmohamed (IMPORTANT NOTE)

PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with CPSBC Guidelines, your Family Doctor will not be able to provide services if you are located outside of BC. If you are not currently, or at the time of appointment, located outside of BC, please do not book an appointment.


Video Appointments use Chrome or Firefox, be sure to allow your camera and microphone.

We are not able to conduct video appointments on any of the following platforms at this time:

When booking, please ensure you indicate VIDEO or TELEPHONE so your doctor will know if you are in the virtual waiting room, or if s/he will need to call you by telephone.


Clinical Counselling

Click here to book an appointment with your healthcare provider, such as Chiropractor and Clinical Counselling.

Vermonte Wong, RCC


IME - Immigration Medical Exam

Click here to book an appointment for Immigration Medical Exam (IME)

Please follow the instructions to register and book your IME appointment.



All Appointments Booked will be for Telephone or Video.

All appointments booked online will now be virtual telehealth or telephone appointments. Please do not come to the clinic. For more information, please read the COVID-19 update.

Rest assured, you still have full access to your Family Doctor via video and telephone chat.  We will continue to be open for any of your medical needs.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health, or any other issues, please book an appointment with your Family Doctor. We continue to offer in-person/in-clinic appointments. In person (In Clinic) appointments will be arranged by your Family Doctor.

Urgent cases will still be triaged for higher priority.

Given the continuing outbreak of COVID-19, Imperial Medical Clinic physicians and staff are fully available to you by telephone and video telemedicine. If you have any questions, or concerns regarding COVID-19, book an appointment or contact us by telephone and our trained medical staff and physicians will provide the necessary care.


We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. If you require any assistance with your virtual appointment, please call our office 604-409-8000.